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Tech Help for Nonprofits

Need help implementing technology into your organization? There are plenty of commercial consultants if you can afford them. But if not, these are some nonprofit resources you can tap into:

Nonprofit Software Index(Chicago) A fairly extensive list of software packages out there specifically for nonprofit use.
Information Technology Resource Center (Chicago) One of the early pioneers The Information Technology Resource Center (ITRC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping nonprofits effectively utilize computers and other technology. They have a classroom, a library, and a 22 workstation computer lab equipped with Windows and Macintosh computers.
Tech Support for Nonprofits A searchable Resource Directory with over 400 national and regional listings
Real Impact (Seattle) Web consulting firm started by Real Networks with affordable fees to help progressive organizations ($50-70/hr)
Npower (Seattle) Newly established nonprofit technology consulting firm spearheaded by Microsoft. Focuses on organizations in the Puget Sound region. Charges ~$60/hr.
Internet & Technology Conference organized by Philanthropy News Network Held in 11 cities throughout the year.


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