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(Last updated 2/12/01)

Portal sites and online communities with potential:

Action Without Borders Lots of resources in one recently revamped site. Has an international focus with lots of job and volunteer opportunities.
Nonprofit Career Network Easy to navigate source of job opportunities in the nonprofit sector.
The Internet Nonprofit Center A merger of a few sites including the Nonprofit FAQ, a primer on how to start a charity; The Nonprofit Locator, an index of IRS listed organizations; and the Form 990 Project. Operated by the Evergreen State Society.
Tripod You can build a free website for your organization here or view others in their nonprofit neighborhood.
Geocities Also offers free website hosting but they do not have a dedicated neighborhood for nonprofit professionals. Still, there are plenty of organizations that take advantage of their service. Geocities is the most popular community site.
Homestead Free website hosting and a dedicated nonprofit neighborhood. Most of these organizations are more membership oriented organizations.
Nonline Commercial site with features such as job listings. Registration is required for many fuctions.