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Thanks for visiting! This site is for nonprofit professionals and volunteers. was started as part of a class project to show how technology and the Internet could help nonprofits run more efficiently.

Here are some of ideas and resources you might find useful-- AC - this is more of a donor's resource, but the concept is innovative. Fidelity Investments has set up a mechanism to allow individuals to set up an investment account with Fidelity and make donations from their account to a designated charity. The minimum to open an account is $10,000. Visit
The Nonprofit Library - a great, no frills compendium of useful management articles. No fancy schmancy graphics, just lots of links. Visit the Management Library for Nonprofit Organizations
Microsoft - played a leading role in establishing an nonprofit organization NPower, a technology consulting organization that serves nonprofits in the Puget Sound region. Visit the NPower site
RealNetworks - formerly known as Progressive Networks established Real Impact, a for profit division within the company to serve nonprofits in the same way they serve their commercial clients in webbuilding and streaming media applications. Visit the RealImpact site

Technology Firms and the Nonprofit Sector

For this project I looked at business solutions that build capacity for nonprofits. As the tech sector becomes increasingly influential in society, nonprofits fall sorely behind in the learning curve of technology. Here are two interesting initiatives that fulfill the business mission and the nonprofit need:

Nonprofit Web Portals - The third solution I look at is entrepreneurial solutions utilizing the Worldwide Web as a tool to serve nonprofit interests. This site is an exploration of that concept.

This site is partly inspired by my research into the role of technology firms and nonprofit organizations for a class called "Business Leadership in the Social Sector" taught by Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Please send your comments to Amy Chu at You can also visit my website at or post your comments and suggestions below

Updated on 2/12/01

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