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Fundraising from Silicon Valley

With the incredible explosion of dot.coms and other hi-tech firms in Silicon Valley, comes a new sources of philanthropy for non-profits. However, don't get too excited -- many technology firms are just getting up to speed on the concept of corporate giving. And, while they may be rich on paper, most Internet companies are still bleeding red ink, so don't expect a lot of cash, especially from startups. However, these philanthropy newcomers could be a great resource in other ways (see Inkind Donations) Big players such as Microsoft and AOL or computer and hardware manufacturers tend to have more well established giving programs. Make sure you stay on top of industry news as mergers and acquisitions can happen fast and frequent.

One plus of researching hi-tech companies - quite a few post their grant guidelines online and may even accept your grant application online as well. Most only give to 501 c3 organizations, and many have a preference for funding educational programs and in places where they do business. Here are a few links to check out:

Organization Target Areas of Giving Geographic Areas Deadline(s) Grant Range
Adobe Systems disadvantaged youth, homeless, people with disabilities, minorities, the elderly, and victims of abuse; disaster relief, medical and hospice care, and meal service; education and literacy programs; human rights; arts; environment; animal rights. SF Bay area, Seattle ? $1,000-$25,000
AOL Foundation
Interactive Education Initiative
Rural Telecommunications Leadership Awards
Digital Divide Initiatives

K-12 students,
Underserved populations, children and families, healthcare (especially senior citizens), online non-profit activities, education


up to $7,500


Apple Computer Note: Apple has temporarily suspended its formal grant program for individuals and institutions. Most of its giving has been targeted to schools. National    
Children and youth K-9, primarily at-risk populations, especially science, math or technology. GA, IL, TX, MA, CA, NY, UK 1/15, 4/15, 7/15, 10/15 $1,000-10,000
AT&T Foundation Focus on education, civic and community service, arts and culture. Only gives to 501 c3 organizations. National ongoing  
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Education, global health Global   lots
Cisco Foundation Education (no grants to schools)   4/30, 11/30 $10,000 avg.
CNET Education, health and human services, arts and culture, civic affairs      
Compaq Education K-12, healthcare, environment, culture and arts Major Compaq business areas ongoing  
Dell Foundation Funds collaboration, innovative solutions, community, childrens issues Central Texas    
Hewlett Packard/ Focuses their giving to universities      
Intel Education, community, disaster relief, arts, environment. Online grant guidelines. National, Intel facility locations ongoing  
IBM Education, adult training, arts, community, environment National ongoing  
Lucent Technologies K-12 youth, women and minorities in science and engineering National ongoing  
Micron Technologies Math and science. Online grant guidelines ID, UT, TX ongoing  
Microsoft most areas including arts and culture, education, human services, environment National, WA ongoing  
Oracle medical research, endangered animal protection, math, science and education   6/1, 12/1  
PeopleSoft technology for underserved communities, math and science education NA NA NA
Sun Microsystems Youth grades 8-12 CA (Silicon Valley), MA, CO, Scotland    
Texas Instruments Civic, research, educational, health, welfare, cultural National ongoing  
Other Resources        
US Nonprofit GatewayAn online source for government grants and RFPs.
Foundation Center A terrific online version of an essential research resource for all grantseekers.
Foundation News and Commentary This is a publication by the Council on Foundations and targeted more at foundation executives, but helpful for finding out who's who in the foundation circles.      

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