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Finding Volunteers on the Web

Volunteers are an important resource for building and growing a nonprofit organization. Don't forget that board members are volunteers as well, and probably the most important ones in an organization. Put some thought into attracting and retaining the right ones. Don't just invite individuals with money and connections, but aren't willing to invest the time into your organization. Local corporations are a great source of board members and volunteers.

Here's some interesting volunteer resources on the Web. Most will allow you to post your opportunity online:

****Volunteer Match National volunteer program started by ex-Silicon Valley professionals who wanted to give back to the community. Very sophisticated site with a virtual volunteers category. Well-trafficked.

****New York Cares Contact Kristina Berger at 212-228-5000 to become a project partner.

***Idealist A project of Action Without Borders. Post your volunteer opportunity online.

Charity Village (Canada only) Some virtual volunteering opportunities.

ServeNet Site of Youth Service America. Allows posting of opportunities online

Volunteer Solutions Limited to only certain cities- Austin, Boston, Detroit, LA, Omaha, San Francisco

AARP A source of experienced volunteers

The Volunteer Center of San Francisco Submit a volunteer request online

IEEE Computer Society a source of tech-savvy volunteers


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